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How To Get A Job
As A Director

If I could give you one answer to this, I'd be writing this from my seaside estate in Maui! LOL! In the segment of the course, I will share my personal experience and those of many other successful Directors who are now household names in Hollywood. As you will see, all of them have different stories on how they eventually climbed into the Director's chair. The most encouraging news is there are many ways to use your experience and creativity to become a Director in film, TV or stage! The world is your oyster! Time to feast!

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john pattyson

John Pattyson is a multiple Emmy award-winning Director, Writer and producer, but that is just scratching the surface of his deep experience in the Entertainment World.

Pattyson's work has been seen on virtually ever netwok: CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, FOX, ESPN, A&E. Discovery, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, TLC, and TBS. He has produced and directed some of the most successful entertainment shows on television: Entertainment Tonight and Dr. Phil.
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